Anthony Joshua’s Brilliant Three-Word Response To Tyson Fury Blocking Him After Povetkin Win

by : Tom Percival on : 23 Sep 2018 15:13

Tyson Fury’s lived up to his name going on an epic Twitter blocking spree following Anthony Joshua’s victory against Alexander Povetkin.


Joshua managed a knockout win against the former heavyweight champion in the seventh round at Wembley last night but not everyone was celebrating the unified heavyweight world champion’s victory.

Tyson Fury took to Instagram to send Joshua a threatening message where he accused his heavyweight rival of ‘running scared’.

In a minute-long rant, that’s since been deleted and wasn’t an absolute chore to sit through, Fury said: 


Hi this is Tyson Fury. Just to clear up a few things from the papers I’ve signed nothing with nobody erm as of yet I’m still a free agent ATM  full stop hashtag Gypsy King.

I’ve just seen reports that Eddie Earn saying Joshua will retire before he fights me and if he does I told y’all he was a shithouse and he’s afraid of the Gypsy King.

Erm, look I got myself back in shape [illegible something about a protein shake] and now he wants to retire all of a sudden [spits] typical, typical, typical. Stay active, get a couple of fights in because I’m gonna take you to school, play with you like, it’s gonna be unbelievable, easy fight use his head like a springboard [mimes using Joshua’s head like a springboard]. Boom!

Joshua though was clearly riding high after his victory and couldn’t be less worried about Fury if he tried. In fact, it seems that Fury may be the one who’s rattled as he preemptively blocked Fury on Twitter.

Not that being blocked stopped Joshua having the last laugh, who posted a screenshot proving he had been blocked along with the caption, ‘Why so serious’.

According to the BBC, the pair may settle thing in the ring sooner rather than later. They report that Matchroom Sports chairman Barry Hearn has claimed Joshua will fight the winner of December’s fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.


Hearn told BBC Radio 5 live:

We have sent Wilder a signed contract already to fight on 13 April. We will agree terms with Wilder to fight on 13 April if he beats Tyson Fury – if he does not beat Tyson Fury, we have got to look around as we have got a business to run.

Tyson Fury will not be in a position to fight on 13 April in my opinion. If he is, I would love to see it.


Who knows though Fury may surprise everyone yet, the British boxer has fought, and won, twice since making his comeback in June following a two and a half year break from the sport.

He’s apparently claimed he’s going to regain the titles ‘which are rightfully his’ and seems to have Joshua in his sights although his own greed may be his undoing.

According to Eddie Hearn, they believe Fury would ask for a 50/50 split of the fight’s purse; something the heavyweight champion Joshua is unlikely to agree to.

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