Apparently O.J. Simpson’s Prison Name’s ‘Stinky’ For Most Disgusting Reason


Disgraced former NBA star O.J. Simpson has earned the nickname ‘Stinky’ in prison because he suffers from incontinence.

Radar reports that other inmates at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center – where O.J. is serving a 33-year stretch for attempted robbery – refuse to share a cell with him due to the smell.

Vernon Nelson, who befriended O.J in prison, alleged in a letter that the former footballing star has been forced to start wearing adult diapers to deal with his condition.


He claims that he’s been with Simpson ‘several times’ when he’s ‘shit himself’.

Nelson also wrote about how Simpson attempted to play the fame card while in prison, at one point supposedly crying when a guard told him that he wouldn’t get any special treatment.

Nelson wrote:

A guard yelled at him angrily on the bullhorn and told him, ‘Mr. Simpson get your ass back on the other side of the gate with the other inmates, your [sic] not getting any special treatment from me!!!.’

O.J. walked back to the other side of the gate, stood next to me, dropped his head and started sobbing uncontrollably! He tried to hide his tears behind his sunglasses, but a few people still noticed as he wiped them away.


Simpson has allegedly struggled with a number of health problems while serving his sentence, and Nelson reports that he suffers from memory loss, painful headaches, blurry vision and has unusual bursts of anger and fits of depression.

Experts believe that Mr Simpson’s symptoms stem from repeated head injuries during his career in the NFL which has brought on chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a progressive degenerative disease which causes patients to suffer from dementia like symptoms.