Archer Manages To Shoot Tiny Mint Out Of The Air

by : Emily Brown on : 03 May 2021 17:17
Archer Manages To Shoot Tiny Mint Out Of The Air@arrow_sniper/TikTok

An archer has impressed thousands of TikTok users by showing how he managed to throw a tiny mint into the air and blast it into dust using his arrow. 

Probably thanks to Robin Hood, archery is often one of those sports associated only with action films or with decades past, prompting images of tournaments on the grounds of grand castles or arrows being drawn by someone riding dramatically on a horse.


However, archer Josh has proved it’s still very much a modern-day activity as he demonstrates his skills on TikTok, with one video posted last week seeing him explain that the company Flint Mints had reached out to him and asked if he could shoot one of its mints with a bow and arrow.

Check out the result below:


Holding the mint up to the camera, Josh demonstrated that his target was smaller than the size of a penny before he turned to toss it into the air in front of him.

Thankfully the TikToker had the forethought to upload the video in slow motion, because with the speed of the act and the size of the mint, it probably wouldn’t have made for a very interesting video otherwise.

Before the mint had a chance to fall to the ground, the archer could be seen pulling back his arrow and launching it towards the mint, causing it to disappear into a cloud of white dust only visible against the black board in the background.

Archer shows tiny mint he's using as target (@arrow_sniper/TikTok)@arrow_sniper/TikTok

Josh labelled the scene as a ‘trick shot’, and the impressive video prompted commenters to liken him to other famous archers out there, such as Katniss from The Hunger Games or Marvel’s Hawkeye – only with a more innocent target.

After witnessing Josh’s incredible precision for themselves, one TikTok user requested that he drop by their house to take care of a fly that had been buzzing around, but the archer responded to say that he’s currently ‘backed up with bug hits’.

The TikToker has since gone on to impress viewers by using a number of other props in his videos, with one showing him shooting a bath bomb while another sees him directing an arrow perfectly through brass knuckles.


One of his most recent videos, posted on May 2, saw Josh shooting an arrow into the air before then hitting it with a new arrow in order to fulfill another TikToker’s request. While it made for an impressive shot, hopefully the archer won’t destroy all of his arrows, and will instead keep impressing viewers with his impeccable aim.

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