Are These The Five Worst Types Of Arsenal Fan?

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jul 2015 18:07

Arsenal fans are a strange bunch. They seem to be everywhere, but that is probably just because they literally dominate social media and let’s be honest, win just about every poll going.


Where trophies have been lacking, the top trends on Twitter and those all important Sky Sports polls have been dominated by the club. That is one aspect to life as an Arsenal fan, but there are plenty more, with the club’s fanbase seemingly split over if they want Arsene Wenger to stay or go – or if they want beautiful football or trophies.

With that in mind, here are five of the very worst types of Arsenal fan, and if we’re being honest, a lot of them actually fall into more than one category.


Wenger In


They love Wenger. Why would you want to have a manager like Mourinho when you could have someone like Wenger who understands the way the game should really be played? Parking the bus is not an option for this lot and they’d rather see Wenger bringing young players through than getting huge money signings in.

It’s not just the way the club play, it’s the whole ethos that they love, and this lot really believe that they are onto a winner with the squad they have right now – and the old adage of ‘one more player and …’ is something they love to pull out the bag. In fact, they probably think Petr Cech is that player and a couple of pre-season wins means that the league is a sure thing.


Wenger Out

Yeah, they trend on Twitter approximately 50% of the time, when the #WengerIn lot don’t have the floor that is. For these fans, Wenger can’t do anything right and should have left the club a few years ago, because they’re never going to beat the likes of Chelsea with the Frenchman in charge.

Wenger doesn’t play the right players in the right position, he doesn’t spend enough money on the right people either, and God forbid we start taking a look at his tactics in the big games, because it won’t fit in 140 characters. Oh, and then there’s the constant issue of losing to sides like Stoke time and time again.

According to the #WengerOut lot, once the manager is gone, everything will be fine and dandy, and world domination will take place.


Being Barcelona lite is fine because in 2003 we were the invincibles

Even though they were actually knocked out of Europe that season by rivals Chelsea of course. Wayne Bridge we salute you.

These Arsenal fans not only go on and on about the days when they used to be successful and were winning titles left, right and centre, but seem to forget that now they’re not even the best team in London, let alone England – and they’ve never been the best side in Europe.

Playing good football and trying to walk the ball into the back of the net is more important to these fans than actually winning games 1-0 (something that does win you titles, and back in the day, Arsenal used to know that) and they are staunch Wenger fans. Not to mention they despise Chelsea and Jose Mourinho.

Where are the trophies?

The fans who used to be proud of the way the club play and Arsene Wenger, but now they want to match the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United. Good football will always be important to the club but these fans want titles and they want them now.

Sadly for them, it’s not actually going to happen any time soon and the customary fourth placed trophy along with an FA Cup, and if they’re really lucky, a pre-season trophy and a deadline day marquee signing to go with it, is as good as it’s going to get.

This lot also double up as the ‘Wenger Out’ brigade and love to take to Twitter to lament their summer business – in fact, if you see one who is complaining about Wenger only having signed Petr Cech so far this summer, expect it to be followed up by a ‘where are the trophies’ type tweet.

afctafctSky Sports

Social media winners


Yes, they are the ones who seem to think that Olivier Giroud is the best player in the world and Ospina was the best goalkeeper in the league last season. Hopefully, they don’t actually think this, but let’s be honest, where there is a Twitter poll, there are these fans waiting to vote.

The fact that Arsenal are now trolled for being the kings of football polls should be something they are alarmed about, but the fans seem to relish it and bask in their acclaim – all the while waiting for another Twitter poll to vote in.

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