Are These The Five Worst Types Of Newcastle United fan?

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jul 2015 09:02

Newcastle United were one of the biggest teams in the Premier League during the 90’s, and still get some of the biggest crowd figures in England, but there is no denying the club have somewhat fallen from being title challengers as they’ve struggled dramatically in recent years.


From European regulars, to Premier League mediocrity, fans have had a hard time swallowing the predicament their beloved club now find themselves in. They are some of the most passionate and loyal supporters out there, but with protests and discontent now expected each season, the Toon Army is not a happy one.

With no further ado, here are five of the very worst types of Newcastle fan – and we all know someone who fits the bill!

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We’re going to win something this year


If there was ever a cliché to describe Newcastle fans, this would be it.

Without a major trophy being lifted since 1955, and no the Intertoto Cup doesn’t count, every season seems to be the year they’re going to finally break that sorry record. This is oh so similar to the broken melody from the Liverpool fans and even less likely to be true, which is really saying something.

I’m afraid that isn’t likely to change in the near future either. Concentrate on avoiding those relegation battles before setting your eyes on trophies. Eyes bigger than the bellies…

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Beer guts out at winter matches

Speaking of bellies, what is it with the oversized Geordies getting topless at random winter away games? Wow.

Never is there the correct opportunity for you lot to do that, but even more so at the likes of Stoke away on a cold December night.

But, then again, there’s certainly more passion in the crowd than Newcastle have shown on the pitch over the past few seasons.

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We don’t care about the derby (because we’ve lost five in a row)

Passion on the pitch is something they’ve lacked over the past few years, which probably explains why they’ve been beaten repeatedly in the recent Tyne Wear derbies. 3-0, 2-1, 3-0, 1-0, 1-0, just in case you needed reminding, which even saw Sunderland fans calling for a name change of the Sports Direct Arena to the o3 Arena.

It is made worse by the fact that Sunderland usually have a new manager during the second derby of the season and are probably knee deep in a relegation fight, but no matter how hard they find three points to come by, the derby seems to kickstart things for them.

Newcastle fans claiming there are ‘bigger games’ than the derby clearly need their heads testing. Just wait until they finally break the duct against Sunderland, whenever that may be, and I’m sure all those words will be forgotten.

The Jose Enrique highlighter maker

All fans have their own set of embarrassing supporters, the ones who are desperate to be internet famous, think they could be the manager, and really think that the players and manager are listening to them on phone-ins and reading their comments on transfer rumours in the fan forums.

Liverpool have the James Milner song creator, and most clubs have something similar to match. But this is on a level of its own and is really something special.

A highlight reel was made during Enrique’s spell at Newcastle, with the final caption at the end of the video reading: ‘Don’t leave us Jose.’ Cute.



This was never really a surprise. A stingy Cockney in charge of a North-East football club was never going to end well.

Peculiar managerial appointments, as well as letting some of the better players leave almost every transfer window, without really recruiting, as well as seeing the once Premier League giants fall to the reaches of the Championship, he was never going to end up a popular figure on Tyneside.

But, I can never recall ever seeing a website petition as large as this against a figurehead of a football club, so fair play NUFC supporters, who can be faulted to many things, but never their passion.

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