Are These The Five Worst Types Of Tottenham Hotspur Fan?


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Tottenham Hotspur are well known for being the club that fall just short of the Champions League places each year, usually just behind their arch rivals, Arsenal.

The north Londoners have been known to sell players once the big money offers come in, rather than building on the foundations they have, which probably explains their lack of Champions League football, and only really look to buy players who have a decent sell on value in the first place.

Imagine having a starting XI including: Hugo Lloris, Jan Vertonghen, Luka Modric, Christian Eriksen, Gareth Bale and Harry Kane. They wouldn’t just be a force in England, they’d be a force in European football, but sadly for Spurs fans, that special relationship with Real Madrid put an end to that.

The fans aren’t half as annoying as some of their Premier League rivals, but here are the biggest nags with them anyway.

The Arsenal obsession

Wow, they are unbelievably obsessed with their north London rivals. And, they even try to turn the tables and say Arsenal are the guilty party and obsessed with them. Guys, you’re both as bad as each other.

Arsenal fans love to lord it over Spurs, but in their defence, it is difficult to not to be obsessed with your near neighbours, who you manage to finish above every single season.

Spurs fans meanwhile just seem to enjoy having someone who will actually consider them ‘rivals’, even if it is just because of geography.


Delusional fans

These lot think they’re going to win the league, or at the very worst, get into the top four, and of course they’re going to finish above Arsenal. That’s given. Even though they never do.

They not only make sure they tell anyone who will listen that they will be Kings of north London (what a lofty ambition indeed), but some of them go too far. Far too far. Take the guy above with the tattoo.

Surely, this has got to be up there with one of the worst things anyone has done to themselves? It’s truly horrific. If this is permanent then I think I’ve lost faith in human kind.

What on earth would possess you to get this monstrosity on the back of your head? I hope for his sake he manages to grow his hair back.

The ‘we are not a selling club’ fans

Otherwise known as the ‘Bale is a money grabbing judas’ brigade, who refuse to acknowledge that they aren’t actually a big club, and if a giant of world football makes eyes at one of their players, they don’t seem to understand that their bags will be packed quicker than Daniel Levy can give out the club’s bank details.

Take Bale for example. Let’s face it, if he put a proposition on the table to Spurs for ‘X’ amount of money per week to keep him, they’d most likely have put the money on the table for him. But, they couldn’t offer him a title challenge or guaranteed Champions League football, so how can you blame him, Modric or eventually Lloris?

Real were hardly even rivals of Spurs either, so it’s not as though he joined another club in England, unlike Harry Kane in a season or two’s time.

Sack the manager

Every club has them, but it seems north London have them in abundance.

Much like the Wenger Out lot down in the red half, these fans want to sack every manager going, no matter what happens that season, because it’s never going to be good enough for them.

That is bad enough, but when you consider the fact that Daniel Levy is so swayed by fan opinion, it makes it that little bit worse.

Spurs love to sack the manager when things aren’t working out, and this lot think they can attract the likes of Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp – not to mention the world class players they think should be at the Lane.

The ones who deserve all the stick they get

They are genuine idiots and bring shame on the club and the rest of the fanbase, giving their fellow supporters a bad name.

They put their rivals in the shade with their attempts to defend the club and their results, both on social media, on phone ins and in person, and they will stop at nothing to make sure everyone knows why they support.

Chanting is one thing, but this is an ACTUAL song. It’s just fuel in the fire for the Gunners wanting to give Spurs fans a bit of stick.

A song about players you tried to sign, what’s next? Lyrics like ‘I loved you from the bottom of Levy’s briefcase’ are enough to make anyone cringe.