Argentina Football Fan Dies After Being Pushed From Stand


An Argentinian football fan has died after being thrown from a stand by an angry crowd who thought he was a rival supporter.

Emanuel Balbo, 22, was chased down the stand by supporters of his own Belgrano team as they played Talleres in the northern city of Cordoba.

Witnesses at the scene said the man chasing him had shouted that Mr Balbo was a disguised opposition fan before he was pushed about five metres (16ft) onto concrete stairs.

Warning: Graphic content.

Balbo was taken to hospital with severe head injuries and doctors later declared him to be brain dead.

Four people have been arrested over the attack, and the Argentine Football Association is calling for ‘those responsible for this inconceivable assault’ to be brought to justice, the BBC reports.

Argentina has a history of football related violence, with more than 40 people having died from it since 2013.

Public prosecutor Liliana Sanchez insists that the suspects should be charged with aggravated homicide.