Arsenal Fan’s Ballsy Promise If Leicester Win League Goes Viral

lcfc flagRoss Kinnaird/Getty

I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few tweets along the lines of ‘If Leicester City win the league, I’ll…’ by now, but chances are most of them have gone unnoticed.

One person who wasn’t so lucky is Twitter user and Arsenal fan @arsenalscannon, after his tweet from back in December was seized upon when Leicester claimed the title last night.

Over 7,000 retweets later, the unfortunate user has been addressing his statement and desperately trying to backtrack.

Here’s his original tweet, which went viral last night:

He soon regretted it…

He made a desperate plea for people to stop:

But they didn’t, and the pressure soon mounted for the video:

And he soon appealed for some medical advice:

Obviously because he’s an Arsenal fan, he couldn’t resist getting them involved:

The final whistle sounded, and it soon dawned on the poor bugger what that actually meant:

Unlucky mate, I doubt the NHS will cover that operation…