Arsenal’s New Kit Has Been Leaked, Fans Have Lost Their Sh*t

Arsenal new kitTwitter

We’re reaching that time of year when some website you’ve never heard of somehow manages to get a leaked image of a new kit ahead of it’s release next season.

It doesn’t take much to┬áprompt an Arsenal fan to vent their anger on Twitter, but the leak of the home kit for the 2016/17 season has given them yet another excuse.

The shorts seem to the biggest bug bear for internet Gunners, as they appear to have changed colour from the traditional white to a navy blue – a highly unpopular choice amongst fans.

Here’s the best of the reaction:

Some were quick to point out its similarities to Chile’s national jersey:

But some are refusing to believe what they see:

Even people who are dressed as cats didn’t like it:

And neither did Mesut Ozil…maybe:

And this guy had an interesting theory:

But this bloke summed it up perfectly:

So there you go, Arsenal fans aren’t entirely happy on Twitter, who’d have thought it?

Also, we think they’re missing the point – Theo Walcott has been used as the featured name on the shirt, which should worry every Gunner in the land.