Aussie Cricketer Gets Torn To Shreds For Worst Autobiography Page Ever


Former Australian cricket captain, Michael Clarke has been left red-faced after the internet parodied his new autobiography.

Clarke is probably used to people ghost-writing for him, but one cricket fan has taken it up a notch by changing the narrative of My Story – perhaps for the better.

And now the folks of Reddit have jumped on the piss-taking bandwagon:

The parody writer takes the piss out of Clarke’s very public relationship with ex Lara Bingle, which must be pretty embarrassing for him and his current wife Kyly.

The fake page reads:

I wasn’t in the party spirit though, because I’d sent Lara a photo of a kitten in a teacup at lunch tea cup at lunch and she hadn’t texted me back.

And on top of that airport security had confiscated my hair highlighting kit.

Now the literary prankster has given 35-year-old Clarke, nicknamed ‘Pup’, more media attention that he could have possibly hoped for during this book launch, the cricketer is officially down but not out.

My Story was released on Kindle here in the UK yesterday, just in case you want to read the original, less amusing version.