Aussie Singer Went On Night Out With McGregor And ‘Sh*t Got Out Of Hand’

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Conor McGregor may have got back into the business of making headlines for what he’s doing inside the ring, as opposed to out of it in the last few weeks, but a story has just surfaced about another thing he’s said to be good at.

Earlier this year Conrad Sewell, known for his vocals on the Kygo track Firestone, played a gig in Dublin, Ireland. After the show, the Aussie singer was given a bit of a tour of the town by the Irish capital’s most Notorious son.

Now, Conrad’s spoken out about how ‘Sh*t got out of control’ on their session, and I bet people are wishing they had famous mates to be their tour guides.

The Daily Mail reports Conrad told radio station KIIS 1065:

Me and Conor went on a little bender at the beginning of the year.

We were in Dublin, Ireland, and he came to a show, and that was before I got on the straight and narrow, and he actually got me off the straight and narrow. I was like a month sober or something like that.

McGregor’s been in the news recently after his long-awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 229, where he lost by submission to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the fourth round.

Oh and then about a week later he made the headlines because he threw an American football funny. But Conor, if you’re reading, that’s not a slight. I reckon you’d probably be able to kick my head clean off, so let’s get back to your night out with Conrad…

Conrad continued:

He’s an absolute legend. Sh*t got out of control. We had a show the next night and no one could find me.

We had to fly to London the next night and we were playing the O2 Arena, and I was still at his apartment, f*cked up. It was rough.

Once he got his bearings and back on the road, Conrad suffered an anxiety attack at the airport.

Conrad’s attack was so bad, he said his manager had to massage his head while he took deep breaths. ‘I was pretty much almost sick at the airport, and the rest of the team didn’t know, and I’m trying to cover it up,’ he added.

Since the pair’s night out in Dublin, Conrad has stopped drinking, something he said he has no regrets about doing:

It was dark times with McGregor, but it was f*cking good! I’m in a very good place at the moment. I’m very happy.

Good on you, Conrad. We just hope, after Conor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather last year – in which he earned an estimated $99 million – you got him to pay the bill.

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