Barcelona Youth Team Define Sportsmanship After Beating Opponents

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Barcelona’s youth teams are arguably the most famous in the world, thanks to the La Masia academy, which has produced countless superstars over the years.

Usually, it’s their skills on the pitch that we talk about, but footage from Barca’s under 12 team consoling their dejected opponents after beating them has emerged, and it’s truly heartwarming.

It’s not surprising that the Catalan kids won the game, but their opponents clearly took it to heart, and many of them were crying as the post match handshakes took place.

But, rather than do the usual formalities and walk off to bask in success, the Spanish kids consoled their opponents and offered words of advice, in a truly awesome moment.

Check it out:

How good is that?

The Barca number six and captain is particularly classy, as he urges his devastated opponents to keep their heads up, before leading his side to a bow in front of the crowd.

Faith in football restored by a bunch of 12 year olds.