Baseball Star Accused Of Giving Sneaky Middle Finger To Donald Trump In Oval Office


A Chicago Cubs player has denied that he flipped his middle finger during a visit to the White House after a photo purporting to show him giving the sign vent viral.

Outfielder Albert Almora, famous for scoring the winning run in last year’s World Series, is seen apparently flipping the middle finger – albeit upside down – next to President Trump in the Oval Office.

Almora later said that he actually ‘had two fingers out.’

He added:

I’d never do that to the president of the United States.

A closer inspection shows that Almora does in fact have two fingers out, though the middle is incredibly more prominent.

The photo prompted debate among Twitter users.

What do you think? Is this a display of disrespect or does Albert Almora just like pointing his middle finger to the floor in pictures?