Bear Grylls Finds Out Anthony Joshua’s Biggest Fear During Gruesome Challenge

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On the latest episode of Bear’s Mission With… the ex-SAS Commando and survival expert is joined by heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.


The episode which airs this Friday, sees Bear Grylls takes the heavyweight boxer to limits that go beyond whatever he’s faced in the ring.

During their journey the two bond over a dish of rotten sheep guts and maggots as Joshua reveals how fatherhood was the one thing he’s ever been afraid of.

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Being honest and straightforward with Grylls, as they trek through Cornwall, AJ reveals how he didn’t want his life to change before the birth of his son.


He told Grylls how:

I don’t want to change, I’m very regimented and I thought ‘Oh my God, it’s all going to change!’

… it was all about me, I lived for myself.

ITV / Betty / Mark Johnson

However the birth of his little boy has been a ‘blessing’ for him since. The IBF, IBO and WBA heavyweight champ, who rarely opens up about his life outside of the ring spoke about how he wants to build a future for his son he’d ‘respect’ and have long after he’s gone.

He also tells Grylls:

Me and my mum got closer when my son was going to be born. I haven’t got the motherly instinct, I’m a working man, I’m busy, I’m focused.

… when I had my son, I started realising there is someone who is going to be here after I’m gone and that’s what he taught me, build something that they will respect and appreciate when I’m not here anymore.

ITV/ Betty/ Mark Johnson

Grylls puts Joshua through his paces as he faces an opponent the likes of which he’s never faced before, the elements.


During their two-day adventure he gets the UK prizefighter to climb Cornwall’s infamous Commando Ridge, one of the UK’s most popular climbing faces which is also used in training regiments by the Royal Marines since World War II.

AJ is also seen swapping his strict diet of 5000 calories a day for a rotten sheep leg and maggots.

On the show he tells viewers:

I’m the king of my domain and right now I’m out of my comfort zone.

I hate bugs, I don’t like heights really. I’m used to being in the comfort of my living room, but I think let’s go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?

ITV / Betty / Mark Johnson

This weekend Anthony Joshua will be back in familiar territory as he defends his titles against Cameroon-born, France-based Carlos Takam.

AJ is expected to beat Takam, which hopefully brings fans closer to a unification bout between WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, from the US.

You can watch AJ take on the elements in Bear’s Mission With… this Friday on ITV at 9PM.

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