Bellew Reveals What He Said To Haye Before Sending Him Through The Ropes

by : UNILAD on : 05 Mar 2017 13:04

Last night millions of spectators on every corner of the globe watched one of the shittest bouts of heavyweight boxing in world history.


The build up suggested it was another Ali Frazier. A grudge match with disastrous consequences. Haye said he was going to do ‘serious damage’ to Bellew, aiming to immobilise him. Bellew was the rank outsider.

After two rounds of mediocre hard hits from David Haye, the cockney was done. Stumbling around the ring like a bar room brawler after eight pints of Stella. Falling into the ropes and bouncing off them again and trying to throw a knockout punch in the meantime but missing, reports BBC Sport.

But the worst part? Despite the fact Haye spent 90 per cent of the fight with his guard down looking like a bull towards the end of a bullfight – Bellew was unable to finish.


In all honesty it was a pretty miserable fight. A depressing reminder of the times in the boxing world. But eventually Bellew ended it – knocking Haye through the ropes – forcing his corner to throw the towel in.


Now it has been revealed exactly what Bellew said just before the finish.

Speaking after the fight, Bellew said:

Just before the stoppage I looked at David and said ‘stop now’

He shook his head. He went beyond the call of duty.

I looked at Shane McGuigan (Haye’s trainer) and said ‘stop it’. I was worried as he couldn’t box.

He added that he could feel Haye getting exhausted in the fourth round – something which was visible for even those who have never watched a boxing bout in their lives.

Bellew continued:


In rounds four and five he was tired but he was blocking, when we got to nine, I felt myself on top of him and I could feel him panicking.

I said, ‘stop, stop’ and he said ‘no’. He gets a lot of admiration from me from a sportsman’s perspective.

Personally I don’t have much to say for either fighter. It was a battle between two overrated and overhyped bums and now they’ve both had the last laugh with a monumental payday.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – Tyson Fury would’ve tore these two into shreds.

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