Boxer Tells Referee To ‘Stop The F*cking Fight’ After Seriously Outclassing Opponent


A controversial heavyweight boxing match in New Zealand fight between Willis Meehan and Leamy Tato ended after only 42 seconds into the second round.

It was ended after Meehan yelled at the referee to ‘stop the fucking fight’ after seriously outclassing his opponent.

After landing blow after blow after blow to Tato’s head and blood splattering over the camera – grim – the man in the middle finally ended his misery in what was a fight that should have never really happened in the first place.

Toby Zerna

A punching bag would have probably would have provided more of a challenge going by the video. But credit where credit is due he probably took more hits than anyone should ever be able to take, ever.

Even though Tato – who goes by the nickname ‘Tyson’ – didn’t get knocked out, going by this fight, he definitely couldn’t and shouldn’t have got his nickname after Mike…