Boxer Wearing Trump Border Wall Shorts Gets Beaten By Mexican Opponent


A professional American boxer who wore shorts showing Donald Trump’s border wall when fighting against a Mexican opponent got obliterated in the ring.

Rod Salka stepped into the ring attempting to make a political statement wearing his red, white, and blue brick patterned shorts with ‘America 1st’ written on his waistband.

The fight which took place at Golden Boy’s ESPN event in Indio, California, was a bloodbath with Mexican boxer, Francisco Vargas, literally wiping the floor with Salka, reports TMZ.

The fight came to an end after round six when Salka’s corner through the towel in, not wanting to see their American boy take any more punishment.

According to the folks on Twitter, Salka was truly and utterly devastated throughout the entirety of the fight. One tweet shows Salka stumbling around the ring before being dropped to the canvas by a powerful right hook to the head.

Sometimes actions speak much louder than words. Goodnight, Vienna. Game over.

In other news, the only update we have about the actual border wall that was a truly unfulfilled promise made by The Donald, is that he’s tweeted about it – and made a huge cock up.

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Tweeting about the border wall just a few weeks back, Trump claimed he had just enjoyed a ‘great briefing’ about the matter – accompanying his tweet with some photos.

This of course was a huge moment for the president, seeing that the border wall was something he campaigned on passionately during his campaign.

However, as several Twitter users have noticed, the images Trump shared in the tweet are not actually of the new wall.

In fact they are of ongoing repairs being made to a pre-existing part of a fence in California, maintenance work that has been happening since 2009.

Although we don’t know whether Trump’s tweet was a straight up lie in the sense he was purporting the images to be the southern wall or just a huge mistake in image sourcing, it’s clear people are not impressed.

I can’t decide which is more embarrassing. Salka getting destroyed in the ring or Trump’s ridiculous mistake. I guess I’ll let you guys figure that out.

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