Boy, 7, Compared To Usain Bolt After Smashing 100M Record

by : Francesca Donovan on : 13 Feb 2019 08:14
blaze the seven-year-old runner@blaze_813/Instagram

This little guy is quicker than you. Probably. Unless you’re Usain Bolt.

Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram can run the 100-metre distance in 13.48 seconds and he’s only seven years old. If that’s not enough to motivate me to get on the treadmill, I honestly don’t know what is.


Ingram, who’s renowned for his speedy antics on the track, ran a 14.59 second 100-metre last August, but has shaved 1.5 seconds off his time in his latest race, which he shared a clip of to his Instagram page.

It’s a drastic improvement on the current world record of 13:67 for a kid of Rudolph’s age, according to USA track and field.

Experts in the field – and on social media – are now dubbing him the next Usain Bolt, and it certainly seems the young athlete is catching up – or at least might do by the time he reaches Bolt’s age in 25 years.


The Jamaican Olympian recorded the fastest human foot speed during his 9.58-second sprint in Berlin in 2009. He moved at a rapid rate of 27.8mph (44.72km/h) when he covered the 20-meter distance between 60m and 80m in 1.61 seconds, reports Eurosport.

The seven-year-old, who’s a three-time Amateur Athletic Union winner, dashed 60 meters in 8.69 seconds, posting proof on his Instagram page, which is run by his dad.

His dad posted on Instagram about the incredible improvement, to say he was ‘Proud To Say My Son Maybe The Fastest 7 Year Old In The World’ and added ‘All Those Hours Of Training Payed [sic] Off.’


Ingram Snr is an NFL coach and clearly a big influence. One post was captioned:

My Father Told Me That You Win Mentally Before You Win Physically I’m #1 Before The Race Start. [sic]

Yes, Blaze is seven, is super athletic, mentally more mature than I am at 26, and has an Instagram page with 301,000 followers at the time of writing.


Turns out the 3-foot-11, 48-pound-kid is also super smart.

Despite being a social media influencer and fitness model, Ingram has shown he’s talented academically too.

An Instagram image of his February report card shows he works hard in class and on the field with full-mark A grades for Science, Introduction to Computers, Music and Physical Education, plus B grades for Language Arts, Social Studies and Art.


Blaze told Youth1 in 2017:

I work hard at practice to set the bar high for my teammates. I want to show them we need to give it all we’ve got. If they don’t know how to do something, I show them how to do it. I always tell them ‘You practice how you play.’

Heard it from Blaze first, kids.

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