Brazilian Bar To Give Out Free Shots Every Time Neymar Falls Over

Neymar falling overPA

As much as Brazilians love their football, and their star player Neymar Jr, it seems they love mocking him just as much.

While it’s all in good humour, it’s got to a point where fans can’t help but comment on Neymar’s near constant falling and diving on the pitch.

In Brazil’s recent match against Costa Rica, the forward’s flop in the penalty area became such a joke it was quickly turned into a meme, with Brazilians joining in on calling Neymar out for it.

He even seemed to appeal for the penalty before he finished falling down!

Neymar falling overPA

Luckily for Neymar, his country can see the funny side, and are supportive nonetheless.

One bar in particular is celebrating their unsteady striker in a way that’s sure to get as many people on the floor as the man himself – by handing out shots every time Neymar falls over.

The Sir Walter Pub in Rio will be cheering on their national side and making sure everyone has a good time by handing out the liquor not for every goal, but for every fall.

Posting on Facebook, the pub wrote (translated):

For every tumble of Neymar, a round of shots on the house!

Pode cair que a gente garante!

Posted by Sir. Walter Pub on Monday, 25 June 2018

Of course, at the rate that Neymar seems to hit the deck, some people were quick to point out this may be a costly venture for the Rio pub.

Of course, Neymar’s flailing and flopping isn’t the only notorious fail of the World Cup (aside from, y’know, teams losing and all).

In Thursday’s game between England and Belgium, Belgium’s Michy Batshuayi somehow managed to kick the ball into his own face.

The 24-year-old had been celebrating Belgium’s goal, and he looked utterly delighted with the victory as he kicked the ball with great gusto.

Batshuayi kicks the ball into his own face via the post vs EnglandITV/FIFA

Unfortunately, this backfired big time as it bounced off the post and hit him full in the face, with ‘impressive’ accuracy.

It was a small yet brilliant victory for England after the disappointment of Belgium’s admittedly brilliant goal.

Of course, England fans couldn’t help but chuckle as their opponent fell from grace, with some describing this gaff as ‘the greatest moment of the World Cup so far’.

And indeed, for one glorious evening, fans from all sides were united in the hilarity of this comical kick.

One person tweeted:

Adnan Januzaj’s goal is decent but Michy Batshuayi belting the ball into his face off the post is priceless.

Another said:

Well that was quite painful to watch but at least it was just the B team. England need to have a bit more fight in games like this but at least the pains not as much as the ball Michy Batshuayi got in his face.

Despite the result, England are still through to the knockout stages of the tournament, where they will face Colombia on Tuesday, July 3, while Brazil face Mexico on Monday, July 2.

Let’s hope for less fails and more goals this time round!

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