‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ Has Finally Won A Fight After 51 Defeats


After being labelled ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’, the half man / half punching bag Robin Deakin has broken his mammoth losing streak.

You’d think after the first 10 defeats or so, Robin would have hung up his gloves to pursue another career when clearly, he wasn’t a great boxer. He was even stripped of his boxing licence for his own safety after it became clear that his face was like catnip for fists.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.11.15Daily Mail

Despite his staggering losing record, Deakin is widely praised for his determination, with many touting him as Essex’s answer to Rocky. After winning his début fight back in 2006, Deakin suffered a nine year drought that finally ended on Saturday after he beat Latvian boxer Deniss Kornilovs in four rounds.

With his record now showing 2-51, Deakin reckons he’s on the right path and even wants to start challenging for titles. Boxing obviously means a lot to the guy and his spirit is undisputed, so fair play Robin, we wish you the best.

Daily Mail