Brock Lesnar Investigated After Potential Anti-Doping Violation Before UFC 200

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Seven days ago, Brock Lesnar won the hearts of UFC fans everywhere when he destroyed the Super Samoan knockout artist, Mark Hunt, after almost five years out of the game.

But now, all that might be about to change, as Lesnar has been flagged to the USADA – the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency – after testing positive for a banned substance.

According to MMA Fighting, the UFC confirmed the news that Lesnar had been reported due to a potential anti-doping violation yesterday after a urine sample of his was tested at the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, a WADA-accredited lab.

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Specifically, the potential violation comes from a failed drug test taken on June 28 – just over a week before UFC 200.

However, due to USADA’s strict restrictions – they did not reveal what specific substance Lesnar had tested positive for.

There will now be a full adjudication process before any further sanctions are delivered.

Just before the Mark Hunt fight, Lesnar was asked if he had been using performance enhancing drugs.

“I’m a white boy and I’m jacked. Deal with it,” was his reply.

For the fight against Hunt, Lesnar also pocketed the largest UFC payout of all time – when he was handed over $2.5 million (£1.9m) before his pay-per-view money.