Brock Lesnar Just Earned Biggest UFC Payout Ever, Here’s How Much


In the early hours of yesterday morning, Brock Lesnar made his highly anticipated return to the octagon after almost five years out.

Going into the ring against Mark Hunt, he was the outsider, the underdog, and far from the bookies favourite. People thought: how could a man who has been out of the game so long just re-enter and take out the world’s number eight – the Super Samoan?

But in a stunning show of brutality, Lesnar obliterated Hunt and his critics by dominating the first and third round and picking up a clear victory.

But that isn’t all he picked up yesterday.

Despite many claiming the Hunt fight to have been Lesnar’s ‘best ever’, according to Forbes, he was also handed the ‘best ever’ (biggest) UFC pay out of all time.

According to Kevin Iole of Fox Sports and Yahoo Sports, Lesnar’s bank account was handed a very tasty $2.5 million (£1.9 million) for his fight against Hunt – the largest payout in UFC history.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough for you – that’s not all, as he hasn’t even been paid the pay-per-view revenue that will be shared between the fighters later on.

Previously, Conor McGregor was the payout record holder after he was awarded $1 million (£776.819) for his fight against Nate Diaz back in March.

I can’t say the Notorious McGregor will be too happy about being replaced…


Following the Lesnar v Hunt fight, many are calling for Lesnar to come back to the UFC full time to see if he can reclaim the heavyweight champion belt which was taken from him in 2010; and with money like that up for stakes it’s hard to see why he would say no.

Hell, with money like that up for stakes you could put me in the ring against Miocic, Werdum, and Velasques at the same time.

I’d get beat up for £1.9 million any day of the week.