Brock Lesnar May Make Unexpected Career Move After Wrestlemania 33 Victory


The Beast Incarnate’s next career move might shock you.

Looking at Brock Lesnar he strikes us as man who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, so it may surprise you that he’s thinking about having a crack at the Major Baseball League scene.

That’s right the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and RAW’s current WWE Universal Champion may turn out in the MLB – not as physically aggressive as the Octagon or tryouts with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings but you try telling him that.


Maybe he’s just wants to swing that baseball bat so hard it’ll make Derek Jeter thankful that he retired on top.

Talking to the Fight Society podcast, Lesnar’s advocate [read: official spokesperson/legal orator] Paul Heyman claimed that he could give sport another shot.

Speaking to podcast host Damon Martin, Heyman said:

I really can’t tell you that it’s out of the realm of possibility of Brock Lesnar to say ‘I’m taking a few months off from WWE, I want to see how many home runs I can hit for the Minnesota Twins.’

I think what’s next for Brock Lesnar besides what’s happening in WWE. Could it be UFC? Could it be another sport? I think it’s something he’s going to look at and say ‘I bet no one thinks I can do that, all right I’m going to conquer that


Heyman said that Brock could even return to UFC once his year-long ban is lifted. Last December saw him slapped with a $250,000 (£200,310) fine and a year’s suspension for a failed drugs test.

However before he can do any of that he needs to fulfil his current contract with the WWE, which includes defending his title against potential opponent Roman Reigns, ‘The Guy’ who retired the iconic Undertaker at last weekend’s Wrestlemaina 33 pay-per-view.