Mass Brawl Erupts During Hurling Match, Wasn’t Even Competitive Game


Footballers who fall to the floor like a sack of shit after being poked in the eye or something wouldn’t last five minutes during a hurling match – if this footage is anything to go by…

Hurling is an Irish game resembling hockey, played with a shorter stick and using football goals and this match between Dublin and Galway saw players tempers flare- even though it wasn’t actually a competitive game.

Last & Best Videoos/YouTube

The video captures the moment when a mass brawl erupted during a hurling match in front of almost 30,000 fans at Fenway Park, Boston.

Both teams were competing in the inaugural AIG Fenway Hurling Classic and it seems a challenge that could have been deemed a bit nasty by many infuriated the opponent and caused him to lash out in response.

Last & Best Videoos/YouTube

As a fight between two breaks out, instead of other players trying to stop the violence, they simply get involved among themselves, and the officials stand no chance in stopping it.

Just in case anyone actually wondered about the result and weren’t too fixated on the fight Galway won the game 50-47. But the brawl will understandably be the talking point afterwards.

Wow, that escalated quickly.