Cam Newton Slides Into Random Woman’s DMs In Very Bizarre Fashion


Well, well, well, it would appear that Cam Newton is taking a few tips straight out of Chad Kelly’s book, after he was busted trying to sneak his way into a particular females DMs. 

Just days after Chad got outed for trying and failing repeatedly to get friendly with Mia Khalifa, the NFL’s reigning MVP has allegedly been caught red handed messaging a married woman.

Apparently Cam initiated the talking and the messages, which were obtained by Baller Alert, begin with Cam asking the married gal where she’s from.


They then dished out a dollop of small talk before the woman told Cam she was married. He then called her husband ‘a sucka ass guy’ and referred to him as ‘outdated software’. What a dick.

And the funny thing is, that’s not the worst part – Cam’s weird style of messaging is.

As you can in the messages below Cam Newton likes to flirt using Egyptian hieroglyphics, like this quarterback is trying to slip into Cleopatra’s DMs:

cam-newton-dms-2Baller Alert
cam-newton-dms-3-1Baller Alert

Yep, what the fuck…

And even when the store manager he was messaging stopped replying to him he still goes on to ask this ‘Killa’ for a date:

cam-newton-dms-3Baller Alert

He might be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player but there is no way on earth he’s a valuable playa elsewhere.

As you can see, Cam said:

I’m heading home to atl for a couple days. would like to link wit’ you for a light lunch or dinner my KILLA… if you up for it…



Another big issue with the fact that Cam’s messaging a married woman is the fact that he’s been in a long-term relationship himself with Kia Proctor, and all the signs are there to suggest they’re engaged and close to having their second child together.

Long story short, I think there’ll be some serious words in the Newton family home. And there we was thinking that Panthers 1-4 start was his worst problem.