Chelsea’s Latest Youth Prodigy Could Be The Best Yet


We all know Chelsea have a ridiculous youth system.

They’ve won four FA Youth Cups in a row and have about 134 players out on loan across the European leagues, but one of their younger additions to the ranks could be the best of them all.

Denim Nnamudi is just TEN years old, yet shows the kind of talent that kids years older than him can only dream of.

The guys at FFDTV Online are well aware of his talents, and have put together a showcase of the youngster’s skills, where he’s seen running rings around opponents on the pitch, and embarrassing kids twice the size of him with some outrageous nutmegs and skills.

Check it out:

When I was his age, a game of football would look like a huge scrum about halfway up the field, slowly moving towards one of the goals as everyone violently hacked at the ball which was stuck in the middle somewhere.

But football moves on, and Nnamudi is certainly a name to watch, especially when so much hype surrounds fellow youngsters like Karamoko Dembele and co.

This kid could go places. Remember the name.