CM Punk Isn’t Holding Back In His Criticism Of Jon Jones

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CM Punk is yet to compete in the UFC but that’s not stopping him from having his say on one of the promotion’s biggest stars.


Jon Jones‘ fighting career appears to be in tatters after two banned substances were flagged by both A and B samples of an out-of-competition USADA drugs test.

The violation for performance enhancing drug use, which Jones denies, led to Jones’ removal from UFC 200 – and as reported by UPROXX, CM Punk has once again publicised his low opinion of cheats.

Speaking at a Q&A, Punk – real name Phil Brooks – said:


I don’t think it’s a secret [that] I’m straight edge. I have been, my entire life. I think if you use drugs and you’re a professional athlete, you’re a pussy…I just really feel that, I know everybody wants that competitive edge and they want to be better and stuff like that, but at the end of the day, you’ve gotta look at yourself in the mirror. I don’t know how some of these guys are doing that and still being proud of who they are.

The flip side of that is, the supplement shit scares the shit out of me, because hey, who knows? There’s a dozen guys saying they had a tainted supplement. Maybe one of [them is telling the truth]. I don’t fuckin’ know. But you know what I do? I just don’t take supplements.

It is what it is. Don’t do drugs.

Punk added:

I’m gonna put my foot in my mouth on this one, because this is where we start encroaching on the territory of things I say [where] people can easily respond with, ‘Well, fuck you, you haven’t fought yet, you’re a fake wrestler,’ all this and all that.

My fake wrestling can beat a lot of real wrestling, so, you know.

Well, he has certainly preempted the obvious criticism, but MMA fans will finally see the former WWE superstar inside the Octagon at UFC 203, September 10, when he takes on Mickey Gall.

He talks the talk, and soon it will be time to prove he can walk the walk.

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