Conor McGregor Deducted Points In Sparring

by : UNILAD on : 19 Aug 2017 17:36

Conor McGregor’s top sparring partner has warned that the Irish fighter could get disqualified against Floyd Mayweather next Saturday.


Anyone who is anyone has seen a clip of McGregor sparring, and usually for all the wrong reasons.

To experts, the guy can’t swing or defend for shit, nor can he, according to Paulie Malignaggi, avoid committing fouls.

The former WBA welterweight champion was recently pictured lying on the mat as McGregor stood over him in victory.

Following much demand for either of the two to show the footage, McGregor posted a small clip purporting to show him taking Malignaggi down.


Since then, Malignaggi has gone onto to reveal that hall-of-fame referee Joe Cortez had to deduct points from McGregor after a string of foul play.

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He said:

Rules are different in mixed martial arts than they are in boxing and he wanted to know what he’s doing wrong and what he’s doing right and what not so in every single sparring session he had, Joe Cortez was there.

If anything, they’ve shot themselves in the foot because all the dirty stuff he does that the referee will actually warn him for. In that particular sparring session, there’s no judges, but he lost two points from that particular sparring session for fouls, for rabbit punching and hitting behind the head and pushing behind the head.

Not on is that, to be fair. And I’m rooting for the lad.

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