Conor McGregor Destroys Floyd Mayweather And His ‘Juicehead Crew’ In London

Showtime / YouTube

Over the past few days, Conor McGregor has obliterated the entire Mayweather clan, but tonight? Wow. He took it all the way to 11. 

Now he started light. He spoke of how fantastic it is to be in London, how beautiful it is to be so close to his Irish home, how patriotic it makes him feel to hear his ‘countrymen’s’ voices all around him. But wow, how the tides changed so rapidly.

And boy did he cripple all things Money Team. But the best part? He didn’t only target Floyd himself. Oh no. He hurt the whole bunch.

Specifically McGregor called Mayweather out for using Instagram despite being 40, he called him out for wearing high heels, and then he called him a peahead and stroked his badly scalp.

Then McGregor bounced across the ring before slamming all of his co and turning them into no more than silent dust – climaxing when he called his bodyguards ‘monkey juiceheads’ and said he’s going to bounce Mayweather head off the canvas. Wow.

Showtime / YouTube

And Mayweather’s response? Well cringey is not the fucking word. He stomped on McGregor’s poster and shouted ‘hard work’ before the crowd told him firmly to ‘sit down and shut up’.

He then played ‘Tap Out’ for a short while and it was no more than peak embarrassment.

The Notorious remains the underdog for the bout but if the conferences are anything to go by – McGregor has hammered home a KO.

What a fiasco.