Conor McGregor Buys Boston Firefighters World Series Tickets And Hands Out Free Whiskey

Conor McGregor gifted Boston firefighters whiskey and world series ticketsthenotoriousmma/Instagram

Yesterday, Camp Conor McGregor gifted Boston firefighters 10 tickets to the World Series and donated some free whiskey to the local heroes for their everyday efforts.

So, the Irish MMA fighter is already putting the tidy fee of $50 million from the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight at UFC 229 to good use and sharing the love with 10 deserving Bostonian firefighters.

As far as PR stunts go, it’s very generous, especially when you look at that ol’ track record: 

Conor McGregor apparently wanted ‘to do something special to show his appreciation for the firefighters’ who risk their lives everyday, reports TMZ.

He especially wanted to help the chosen 10 baseball fans celebrate, after the Boston Red Sox defeated defending champions the Houston Astros to advance to the World Series for the first time since 2013.

So, these guys will be joining their beloved Red Sox to watch them ‘Do Damage’ during Game 1 at the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, thanks to McGregor and his team.

Of course, Conor couldn’t resist a photo op of his generosity, and headed down to Back Bay Fire Station himself to personally hand the guys the tickets, where a camera crew was waiting.

In traditional fashion, he also jumped aboard one of the trucks, donning a helmet to complete the look while sliding down a fireman’s pole. Let’s be honest, he took the chance of a lifetime and you can’t begrudge him that.

You can check out the scenes courtesy of TMZ below:

If World Series tickets to see the Sox play weren’t enough, McGregor also gifted firefighters with his own, highly procured Proper No. Twelve whiskey, which is super hard to get your hands on.

Before he left, The Notorious made sure to open up a bottle and toast to the Sox winning a title.

According to TMZ, Proper No. Twelve says they’re donating $5 to first responders for every case of whiskey they sell, which amounts to approximately $1 million (£764,995) each year.

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Since UFC 229, McGregor has been on the promo circuit for his new whiskey brand, taking to the American road in a very, very large truck emblazoned with the proper logo.

It may have a little something to do with his UFC suspension which was temporarily instated on October 15, according to Nevada Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett, pending a hearing on October 24.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov are both in trouble with UFC puppet-master Dana White – and the Commission – for brawling in the Octagon long after The Notorious tapped out to his opponent’s neck crank in the fourth round.

Footage shows Nurmagomedov, who has since claimed is action were retaliation against McGregor’s alleged aggravating slurs, jumped out of the ring and began a brawl with McGregor’s team.

Both teams, and some spectators, quickly followed suit in a mass brawl which left a bitter taste in UFC fans’ mouths after Nurmagomedov attained an historic 27-0 record during the fight.

McGregor, who won’t be pressing charges, did have an odd response on Twitter:

It seems the three-ringed circus and showmanship from Camp Conor McGregor will continue to keep UFC in the news cycle.

Say what you want about The Notorious – the guy’s generous.

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