Conor McGregor Goes On Three Day Bender And Crashes Liverpool House Party

by : UNILAD on : 11 Apr 2017 09:50

When Conor McGregor isn’t busy being the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion he likes to party, a lot. 


Following his exuberant Rolls Royce entrance to the Grand National on Saturday – clad in silver shoes, an open shirt and flipped open sunglasses (yep, that McGregor), the Notorious reportedly spent three days partying in the Liverpool suburbs.

But let us start at the beginning. In the aftermath of One For Arthur storming through the finish line in first place, McGregor made his way to Mansion in Liverpool city centre where he blew the roof off, according to the Liverpool Echo.


But it didn’t stop there. No, McGregor stormed into round two on Sunday by making an appearence at Empire before he apparently made some friends and ended up at a house party in Huyton.

So while the Crumlin boy’s rise to notoriety has led to a taste in the expensive and the lavish – that isn’t to say he strays away from the occasional Huyton house party. And who could blame him?

Originally the Huyton house party was merely a social media folklore rumour:



But then McGregor seemed to prove that it was true by posting onto Instagram the below image:

Although to you and me that image could be here, there, or anywhere – this next image appears to show the same house and driveway in Huyton along with some of McGregor’s new buds. 

But the real question remains unanswered. Where is McGregor now?

Straight Blast Gym? Crumlin? Or is he still partying in Huyton or Toxteth? Who knows, but I like to think he’s still at it.

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