Conor McGregor Hilariously Trolled After Throwing Worst Baseball Pitch Of All Time

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Sep 2021 11:48
Conor McGregor Hilariously Trolled After Throwing Worst Baseball Pitch Of All Time@cubs/ Twitter

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the finest Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champs in history, and is absolutely not someone you would want to take on.

However, you can’t be good at everything, and it turns out that even someone like me – who still has nightmares about high school PE lessons – could probably take on McGregor in a game of baseball.


Footage has gone viral that shows ‘The Notorious’ throwing what some have rightly described as the worst baseball pitch of all time.

As a special guest at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs match against the Minnesota Twins, McGregor was invited to throw the very first pitch.

Wearing a dapper suit, 33-year-old McGregor looked as confident as ever as he strode up, but things quickly went awry.


The baseball was barely in the same postal code as the glove, bouncing off the wall and narrowly missing a spectator before hurtling off in the other direction. The pitch was almost spectacular in its crappiness, and fans have been merciless in their ridicule.

One person tweeted:

It’s always amazing seeing just how bad these celebrities and other athletes are at throwing out the 1st pitch. Did none of them ever throw a ball or play catch growing up?

Another wrote:


Conor McGregor is no longer allowed on a baseball diamond after this opening pitch

Many even feel the MMA champ has now succeeded 50 Cent in the dubious title for ‘worst baseball pitch in history’, with the rapper having famously flubbed the first throw at a New York Mets game back in 2014.

Fortunately, McGregor at least appears quite pleased with himself, summing it up as ‘the most devastating first pitch ever seen!’, as per The Independent:


The venom was there, the power was there, it’s a little off accurate-wise but I’m on the one leg.

You can see me base fully on the left leg that was recently just injured. I’m happy with that, I’ll take that on board.

I don’t think there was much power difference between mine and them out there (the players), it’s just the accuracy was a little off.

But I’m happy with it. It was either lob it friendly or aim to take him off his feet. And if that was on target we would have had a problem, I’d say.

Fiddy, however, blamed his inability to chuck a ball in a straight line on ‘excessive masturbation’ in an Reddit AMA session, but it’s unclear exactly what McGregor’s excuse is.

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