Conor McGregor Accidentally ‘Reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s Next Move’


ccrmcPaul Pogba’s move to Manchester United was confirmed by Stormzy and three laundry ladies before Manchester United made it official, but Cristiano Ronaldo has gone one better.

In the world of weird and wonderful transfer reveals, it’s actually UFC fighter Conor McGregor who’s let slip where Ronaldo is set to end his career.

According to the fighter, who Ronaldo spent part of the summer with, Ronaldo has penned a new deal at Real Madrid.

McGregor was asked if he could overtake Ronaldo on the Forbes rich list and said:

That’ll be tough, he’s just signed a new contract with Real Madrid but we’ll see, maybe next year I’ll have him!

For McGregor to hint that the deal is worth a fair bit of cash, it’s safe to say it will also be for a few years, meaning 31-year-old Ronaldo could well end his career in Madrid.

That’s not to say an eventual move to the MLS is off the cards, but we’ve all seen the level of effort Andrea Pirlo puts in over there, so it would be a walk in the park for Ronaldo.

What it does mean is that dreams of a Manchester United return are off the cards.

Ah well, at least they’ve got Zlatan.