Conor McGregor Makes Weight But Everyone Is Talking About His Package


We’re all pretty excited for the fight of the century… but no one is more excited than Conor McGregor himself. 

Ahead of the face-off on Saturday, and in between some verbal sparring, The Notorious and Money Mayweather took the stage for their weigh-ins.

But one muscle took the limelight, and it wasn’t the vein throbbing in the Irish UFC champ’s neck.


The pair of pro athletes stripped down to skins for the weigh in, with Money jabbing at Mac in his Paddy Power choice of briefs emblazoned with ‘Always bet on black’.

No words needed for McGregor, who displayed his prowess in Calvin’s.

Twitter reacted accordingly:

After rumours circulating regarding McGregor’s boxing capabilities – with some claiming he’s been repeatedly KO’d during his sparring training – maybe the Irishman felt he had something to prove?

Maybe it’s another PR stunt?

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We all knew there were some serious homoerotic undertones between these two fellas, but this huge development is a bit below the belt.

Is this a pissing contest too far? We’ll find out tonight…