Conor McGregor May Seek Share Of UFC As Retirement Tweet Beef Continues


Conor McGregor’s high profile falling out with the UFC over media obligations was no secret and despite his fight with Nate Diaz being rescheduled, the relationship is far from healed.

McGregor famously refused to attend media events the UFC said he was obliged to, leading to his rematch with Nate Diaz being dropped from the biggest show in the promotion’s history – UFC 200.

As reported by MMA Fighting, the Irishman has spoken out to make clear he is still battling to make sure he is given the right balance between training, and promoting.

‘The Notorious’ said:

We’re still back and forth with media obligations. It’s going on right to this second. It’s never-ending. They want to pull you left and right.

I think some people don’t understand how taxing that is, especially coming after a loss like that where I really truly need to look out for me and get myself right and come out the way I need to feel.

I can’t fatigue like that and live with myself after that. Seeing the way the last fight happened, I can’t live with it. I need to isolate myself and just get my work in and come back and get my revenge. And that’s what I’m doing.

Referencing his retirement tweet McGregor said:

When you see it going all over the place, I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t’ now it’s hit the fan. It was a semi-joke in it. It was kind of a negotiating tactic, going back and forth with the UFC. And then it’s on CNN.

And amid reports the UFC is set for a major sale, his coach John Kavanagh has suggested McGregor may seek equity in the business.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 19.04.39Twitter/@John_Kavanagh

Speaking to Tom Lyons of Business Post while plugging his new book, Kavanagh said:

What will happen when it is sold, if it is sold? Short answer is, I don’t know what will happen the daily operations of it . . . it is a truly global company now. Like any big takeover, there will be a period of finding your feet again.

As reported by MMA Fighting, that period of ‘finding feet’ may include negotiating a share in the company.

Kavanagh added:

Conor will have thought of this and I am sure, when he is sitting down with his new overlords, he will have that conversation.

Given they will have stumped up a reported $4 billion for the fight promotion, the willingness to provide equity to an employee may be questionable – but then again, with change comes uncertainty and keeping a major star sweet could be a shrewd move.

Kavanagh also returned to the rumours of a fight with Floyd Mayweather, making it clear Conor wouldn’t consider it without a fair financial agreement.

He said:

There was talk that Conor would get $7 million and Floyd would get the rest of it. It will be an even share or Conor will not do it . . . There is no one generating the type of media that Conor is. It would have to be an even split. Conor is not going to take it if Floyd is getting more than him. Floyd needs Conor more than Conor needs Floyd right now.

McGregor returns to the Octagon to headline UFC 202 on August 20.