Conor McGregor Offers Words Of Wisdom To Fighters Pissed Off With UFC

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2016 has proved to be a monumental year in the history of mixed martial arts.


The UFC has sky-rocketed in popularity, expanding across the globe with the help of increased coverage across the mainstream media.

It became so popular (and profitable) in fact that it was bought for a cool $4 billion by WME-IMG earlier this year- resulting in fighters finally realising they’re potential worth in among the franchise.


But that hasn’t stopped three of the sport’s greatest legends hitting out at their employer.


Jose Aldo has threatened to retire, Georges St-Pierre claims his contract has been terminated by UFC (though they have a very different story) and Anderson Silva was forced to apologise to president Dana White after accusing him of showing a lack of respect.

However, one fighter who is a bit more of a happy chappy is Conor McGregor and he has every reason to be. He is the best paid fighter in all of MMA and seems to have manoeuvred himself into a position where he calls all the shots.


So it’s probably no surprise that ‘The Notorious’ had a few choice words for those who aren’t loving life in the UFC at the moment, by offering up some ‘friendly’ advice.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, he said: 

Tell me one time that crying and moaning, tell me one time that’s good for progression. It’s not. Where would you be if I wasn’t here? Be grateful that you’re even in the conversation. Keep your head down, keep working, stay focused, stay positive, that’s the way to go forward. Not crying, moaning, complaining. I can’t engage in that. I wish them well, but I’m on something different here.


Considering he’s managed to go from barely earning £1,000 a year to earning millions in such a short amount of time, maybe they should heed his words of wisdom.

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