Conor McGregor Randomly Crashes Fans Apartment, Fan Loses His Sh*t

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Imagine hanging out in your apartment while Connor McGregor drives by in a Rolls Royce, and after seeing a massive cardboard cut-out of him on your balcony, he shouts up to you ‘I’m gonna come up to you tomorrow.’ And then – he actually shows up.

Well it happened to this guy, who also happens to be a super fan of McGregor. And his reaction is amazing.

Basically, McGregor was driving around Southern California with his crew when he spotted a cardboard cutout of himself and an Irish flag on an apartment balcony.

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In the video the guy who owns the apartment can be heard shouting ‘you’re the man’ to the featherweight champ, who shouts back to say he’ll come round tomorrow and – spoiler – he actually does.

The megafan can hardly contain himself – smiling and giggling like a schoolgirl who just met the Biebs.

Skip to 1:16 to get straight to the reaction.

Love him or hate him, this is a moment that shows behind all that fame lies a guy who’s just truly appreciative of his success and his fans who helped get him there.

Which is nice to see in this day and age.