Conor McGregor Rejects Sparring Offer From Former World Champion Boxer


Conor McGregor has turned down an offer from boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko to spar ahead of his highly anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Lomachenko reached out to The Notorious on twitter after his former sparring partner, Paulie Malignaggi, left McGregor’s training camp following an allegedly violent sparring session.

Despite Lomachenko being a two-time Olympic champion known for his speedy footwork and blistering speed, McGregor turned him down saying that Vasyl wasn’t a suitable training partner.

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McGregor explained to MMA Weekly:

First of all, he’s 120lbs. Second of all, he’s a southpaw. He’s very skilled, but he’s not applicable for this camp.

He went on to add that he believed Lomachenko was simply trying to promote his own career using McGregor’s name.

McGregor also mentioned that Lomachenko should focus on fighting bantamweight great Guillermo Rigondeaux if he wanted to promote himself.

He said: 

He’s supposedly one of the pound-for-pound guys right now? You need to start making these fights and putting yourself out there.

Not tweeting something when you know you’re never going to be brought in here at 130lbs and a southpaw when I’m facing an orthodox.


In fairness Lomachenko said only last month that he’d be happy to fight Rigondeaux, so who knows, maybe Vasyl will step up soon and make McGregor proud.

Meanwhile McGregor faces off against his rival Floyd Mayweather on Saturday 26 August.