Conor McGregor Responds To Video Of Mayweather In MMA Cage


Conor McGregor has responded to a video Floyd Mayweather has posted on Twitter – which sees the boxer in an MMA cage.

According to TMZ, Mayweather rented out the entire Syndicate MMA gym in Las Vegas on Monday (January 29) for a private workout session.

Of course Mayweather and Conor McGregor previously met in the boxing ring, but is this a sign they are going to meet in the cage?

While Mayweather posted his video on Twitter, it’s unclear as to whether he is MMA training or just getting a boxing workout in there.

Apparently Notorious has seen the video… and has responded.

He’s reported to have said:

Hahahaha very good. Keep up the good work my son. Yours sincerely, Senior.


Their boxing match last year was the biggest sporting event of 2017, as well as the second highest grossing boxing pay-per-view of all time, so it’s no surprise the gang are getting back together.

Two months after their fight, which saw McGregor was KO’d by Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, the Notorious laid down the gauntlet once more.

The UFC Lightweight champion has said he would be up for another bout – but on his turf.

Then to ring in the new year, McGregor seemingly reignited his ‘feud’ with the boxer after posting a tweet about a ‘funeral home’.

It’s not actually clear what he meant by his tweet, which reads:

Shin bone to the cheek bone. The rule set kept you out the funeral home.

In December, it was reported Mayweather was apparently in talks with the UFC about a huge – and very real – fight in the Octagon.

UFC President, Dana White, has described this exciting, yet unprecedented prospect, as being a ‘realistic possibility.’

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Talking with ESPN, White revealed:

We’re talking to Floyd about doing a UFC deal. It’s real. He was talking about [boxing] Conor McGregor. Was that real?

Have you heard Floyd talk about many things that aren’t real? He usually tips his hand when he’s in the media and then that sh*t ends up happening.

We’re interested in doing something with Floyd. Everything is a realistic possibility. Mayweather vs. McGregor f*cking happened.

Anything is possible!

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At the beginning of December, Mayweather strongly hinted about the possibility of him returning to combat sports through a Fight Hype video, saying:

They just called me not too long ago and asked me to come back.

I can come right back. If I wanted to, I can come right back to the UFC. I can go fight in the Octagon. I can do a three – or four-fight deal in the Octagon and make a billion dollars.

Remember, I’m Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

You have to applaud his confidence!

Many didn’t take the vid too seriously, but now it seems this could be much more than just bragging?

Watch the video here:

Let’s see, shall we?