Conor McGregor Reveals What It’ll Take To Get Him To Retire


Conor McGregor seems like he’s been around for ages – it’s hard to remember a time when people weren’t talking about him non-stop! 

With a new documentary and a selection of new opponents lining up to face him in the Octagon, he’s sure to be a busy boy in the coming months and years.

Now, it seems he’s planning to keep it that way for some time, vowing to fight for at least another two years before he even thinks about retirement.


Even then, the Irishman says he’ll only retire if he takes an absolute beating in a fight.

McGregor reckons he has a track record of being ‘undamaged’ in his career, saying he hasn’t taken an awful lot of damage at all during his time in the ring.

He told the Late Late Show on RTE:

I will most certainly compete again, for the next couple of years anyway, and then I’ll see where it is.

I could cut it off yesterday, you know what I mean? I don’t really have a date and a time and an age because I use it from a damage-taking standpoint. How many blows have I taken?

I’m 29 years of age and I’ve climbed to the very, very, very top and with… not with relative ease… I’ve put in a lot of hard work.

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He continued:

I’ve put in crazy amounts of hard work and most people don’t see the wars upon wars in the gym just to get to the fight.

I’ve gone through strenuous camp, after camp, after camp – but still, compared to other people in the fight game, I’m still relatively undamaged.

He carries on to say he’s never been ‘dropped’ and only ‘wobbled’ once. He rejects the claim he was ‘wobbled’ against Mayweather, putting his defeat down to tiredness in the ring.

Check out the video here:

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McGregor said the only time he’s struggled in the ring was in the first Diaz fight, saying:

That’s it – it’s the only heavy shot I’ve ever taken. I’ve continued to climb and I’m still very young in the game.

Although I’ve climbed to the top, I’m still very young from a damage-taking standpoint, so I will continue to see where it goes.

It’s not just his old MMA opponents who he wants to go toe-to-toe with in the Octagon – McGregor wants to face Floyd in the UFC ring, as he reckons he’ll definitely get the upper hand this time around.

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Conor made the statement during a recent Q&A in Glasgow, where he made the prediction he’d beat Mayweather during another boxing match, but would prefer to face off against him under MMA rules.

According to McGregor, Maywather has already promised to have such a rematch under MMA rules, so it’s not out of the question.

One more name on Conor’s lips is long-time rival, Nate Diaz, with whom he has a record of 1-1.


McGregor himself has said it ‘has to happen’ due to the history with the fighter.

Whoever decides to step up to the plate against McGregor, the Notorious is sure to bring an element of entertainment few fighters can match, so it’ll be one to look forward to.