Conor McGregor Ruins Guy Who Calls Him Out for What He’s Wearing

Conor McGregor savages fan who makes fun of his outfit.@thenotoriousmma/Instagram

Proving he can be just as much of a savage on Instagram as he is in the octagon, Conor McGregor has just charred a would-be fashion critic like a chicken thigh on a Nando’s grill.

Sharing a picture of himself on Instagram with the caption ‘night night not not’, McGregor was shown to be sporting a grey jumper emblazoned with two crowned heads.

He was undoubtedly rocking the casual and cosy look to the max – in sharp contrast to the suited and booted look we’re accustomed to seeing – but not everyone was a fan…

Never dreaming Notorious would actually respond, one cheeky commenter stuck their head above the Instagram pulpit to enquire:

Conor I gotta ask what in the hell are you wearin these days. [sic]

Bringing with him what fans alternately described as a ‘deep roast’ and a ‘first class barbeque’, McGregor swooped into the comment section, breathing fire all the way.

Clearly the UFC champ had been listening to Eminem’s latest diss track on repeat before unleashing deceptively polite hellfire over the unfortunate commenter:

Hello Max. This is Dolce and Gabbana from their new fall collection here. I am currently enjoying Burberry’s new line also at the minute. Also Prada’s new range.

Of course always my own line @augustmcgregor! And of course Versace always with the Don @donatella_versace. She can do no wrong.

They are just a couple of my currents at this time. Keep up with the @themaclife_style for more updates and details. I hope that helps Max.

McGregor continued:

I suggest also you try a 12 week course of my @mcgregorfast program if I was you. It will assist in boosting testosterone naturally, shedding fat and building muscle.

Decreasing the estrogen I can see which has built up in you, which I imagine is causing wild mood swings and low sex drive. [sic]

If you have a woman also I assume no kids as of yet. This program will assist in building you up to create true powerful offspring.

Sign up, it is a once off payment for a 12 weeks course. If you do, keep me updated by tagging the program and watch your life change.

All the best Max. Your’s sincerely, Maximus. [sic]

Conor McGregor gives savage response.thenotoriousmma/Instagram

The comment section erupted with a mixture of awe, terror and amusement at this ‘total obliteration’.

One impressed and learned commenter said:

Probably the best response in the history of social media to shut down someone trying to ridicule your choice of attire.

And this compliment is coming from a trial attorney who has to shut people down every day in trial and depositions. Well done, my friend.

Another agreed this was indeed a well-structured insult:

Hahahahahahaha best comeback Ive seen in a while. Also very well articulated whilst providing constructive criticism. [sic]

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Night night not not

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McGregor isn’t known for replying to his commenters – no matter how much they may plead and prod – and so some dedicated people even saw Conor’s harsh reply as an ‘honour’.

One awe-stricken person said:

Wow you got f*cking roasted by Connor f*cking McGregor. If I was you I wouldn’t know whether to be insulted or honored. [sic]

I must also say it was the most polite roasting I’ve ever seen but yet still brutal. Hats off to that leprechaun.

However, others felt McGregor had gone too far by making unkind remarks about the commenter’s body and his personal life. After all, the commenter had only criticised McGregor’s outfit choice.

One concerned person said:

I don’t think you needed to body shame him or even say he’s got no kids. That went too far.

Another said:

Jesus man. Go easy on the kid. You gotta admit, that shirt you got on looks like a dish rag. But you hell of a fighter tho. [sic]

So would you rather Conor McGregor never replied to your comments and ignored you forever, or replied just once with a blistering yet thought out insult? I mean, I’m weirdly conflicted…

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