Conor McGregor Sent Floyd Mayweather His Biggest Insult Yet


As the eagerly-awaited but enigmatic McGregor-Mayweather super-fight draws apparently ever closer, The Notorious has been flexing his verbal muscles.

Conor McGregor has gone into overdrive to bulk up his ego before any fight takes place, sending his would-be opponent Floyd Mayweather a barrage of insults on social media, because apparently a fighter’s bark is just as important as their bite nowadays.

The Irishman has once again taken aim at Mayweather, who retired from boxing with a 49-0 winning record, in this latest tweet:

Sharing a photograph of an athletically impressive Floyd training in the gym with a younger companion, McGregor came dangerously close to giving his competitor a compliment.

The barbed homage to the King of Boxing’s experience read:

Man, much respect to Floyd Senior still getting a few rounds in at the gym. I hope I can still train at that age. Respect.

Meanwhile the new dad has been hard at work himself, after taking a much-needed break at the races and getting acclimatised to parenthood.


According to McGregor’s coach, the UFC lighweight champion has been practising his boxing jabs in a specially-built ring, taking him out of his comfort zone in The Octagon.

This comes after McGregor called Mayweather ‘a mouth‘ for not signing his end of the sporting deal of the century, dubbed ‘an historic contract‘, which will see the pair of champs battle it out.

We wait with baited breath.