Conor McGregor Visits Children’s Hospital To Surprise Young Patients During Training Break


Conor McGregor has undoubtedly become one of the world’s most famous sports stars.

Although adored by millions, he is not without his ‘haters’.

The trash-talking, arrogant predictions and outrageous displays of wealth have seen him make a rod for his own back shall we say.


With the recent news of his boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather, many have voiced their outrage accusing the Irishman of making a mockery of the sport and simply participating for a mega bucks payday.

Whatever the reason, even his biggest critics will struggle with finding fault with his latest behaviour.

While his preparations are underway for his August-fight in Vegas, McGregor took time out of his schedule for a completely selfless and class act.

McGregor made an unannounced visit to Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin – an area not far from where he grew up and and attended Crumlin Boxing club as a youth.

The UFC star didn’t publicise his visit – he kept it under wraps and simply went from room to room to talk to the children who are unfortunately hospitalised.

With just over two months to go until possibly the biggest night of his career, it’s brilliant to see the star in such a humble act.

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It’s even better to see families and children, who are going through difficult times, with such wide smiles upon their faces

Conor McGregor – we salute you.