Conor McGregor Wants Floyd Mayweather Rematch On One Condition

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It was the biggest sporting event of the year as well as the highest grossing boxing pay-per-view of all time, so it’s no surprise the gang are getting back together.

Just two months after Conor McGregor was KO’d by Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, the Notorious has laid down the gauntlet once more.

The UFC Lightweight Champion has said he would be up for another bout in the ring, but it won’t be the boxing ring if he gets his way.

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McGregor wants to face off against Floyd in the UFC Octagon, as he reckons he’ll definitely get the upper hand this time around.

Conor made the statement during a recent Q&A in Glasgow, where he made the prediction he’d beat Mayweather during another boxing match, but would prefer to go toe-to-toe with him under MMA rules.

According to McGregor, Maywather has already promised to have such a rematch under MMA rules, so it’s not out of the question.

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According to Business Insider McGregor said:

What sickens me is that the little mother f*cker is retired now. If I had another go with him, under boxing rules, I’d get that win.

He had to change his whole approach. With those lessons I learned, with another go around, I’d get it.

He’s 50-0 and getting on, I’m not calling him out. I’ll sit back. We’ll see how he gets on with this round of money.

Maybe I’ll get another call? Originally, he was saying an MMA bout next. That’s what he said before the fight.

He did say an MMA fight. So if he wants to, lets f*cking do it. There’s not a hope in hell… I’d like to see him come over to our side and have a knock.

I earned their respect and put myself out there. Style over to my side and earn our respect now.


Interestingly, Mayweather isn’t the only hard man McGregor has his eyes on – the Irishman also wants to settle a rivalry with Paulie Malignaggi.

For those who don’t know, Paulie Malignaggi was McGregor’s former sparring partner during the run up to the fight with Mayweather.

The two parted under less-than-amicable terms because Malignaggi felt ‘exploited‘ by Mayweather’s team, which caused him to speak up about the training he had with McGregor – a cardinal sin.


McGregor said of Malignaggi:

Paulie is talking enough sh*t, he’s stuck for money and looking for a fight.

He’s talking about b*tch, bringing b*tch, well bring your b*tch and fight in a real fight. That’s where we’re at… I’d like one of them to come over on our side.

He’s a f*cking rat of a thing. If he wants, look, f*ck… I’ve got the UFC title to defend. But if that little fool is stuck for money, maybe we could get him in for an MMA bout?

Failing these two boxing rivals, McGregor has also pointed out some UFC opponents who he wouldn’t mind fighting for his return to the Octagon.

Check out the trailer for the highly-anticipated Notorious film:

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One name on Conor’s lips is long-time rival, Nate Diaz, with whom he has a record of 1-1.

McGregor himself has said it ‘has to happen’ due to the history with the fighter.

Whoever decides to step up to the plate against McGregor, the Notorious is sure to bring an element of entertainment few fighters can match, so it’ll be one to look forward to.