Conor McGregor Will Fight Khabib Next Says Dana White

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Conor McGregor is going to be Khabib Nurmagomedov’s ‘next fight’, according to UFC President, Dana White.

This comes just days after it was reported UFC wanted to put on a mini-tournament featuring some of the biggest names, including McGregor and Khabib.

In his press conference after UFC 225, White said:

McGregor is next’ for Nurmagomdov. #UFC225

Fans were quick to comment on McGregor’s upcoming court case and how that would affect any chance of a fight.

One wrote:

Regardless of any criminal charges NYC may have against him, won’t the commissions have to suspend him for at least 6 months for the bus incident? [sic].

Another added:

If Khabib doesn’t get injured or makes weight. And if Conor doesn’t get into any legal troubles and actually fights. I’ll believe it when they’re both in the octagon on fight night.’ [sic].

McGregor, who’s been quiet for some time, posted a photo on Twitter today (June 10) – but ‘fans’ have been online to body-shame him, mainly.

The fighter shared a post celebrating his Straight Blast Gym teammate Cian Cowley’s win at the Brave CF 13 MMA event in Belfast last night (June 9).

For Cowley, it was his first professional MMA victory at Brave CF 13, beating Daniel Olejniczak.

McGregor posted a photo of them both on his social media accounts, along with the caption:

Congrats CianCowley from the cells to the stadiums. Not a scratch. They done nothing. Jet leaves Tuesday my brother have a good one #Animal. [sic].

Some fans couldn’t help but ignore the point of the post, instead choosing to comment on McGregor’s appearance instead.

While some called him ‘bloated’, others suggested he’d been ‘hanging at the buffet’. Ouch…

One person wrote:

You looking a bit chubby Conor. You want Tyson fury next is it? [sic].

McGregor is facing three charges of misdemeanour assault, and one count of felony criminal mischief, and is due to appear in court on Thursday (June 14).

He handed himself into the New York Police Department after he allegedly crashed the media day for UFC 223 at the Barclays Centre, along with his entourage of around 30 men on April 5.

Footage, which was circulated on social media showed McGregor allegedly attacking the bus in which Nurmagomedov was travelling in, leaving lightweight fighter Michael Chiesa injured.

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Following the bus attack, a UFC spokesperson said:

The organisation deems today’s disruption completely unacceptable and is currently working on the consequences that will follow.

UFC is working very closely with the New York Athletic Commission, Barclays Center security and law enforcement authorities.

Despite having no previous criminal record, McGregor could face serious jail time as a felony charge could reach a maximum of seven years.

Meanwhile, assault charges hold a maximum sentence of a year.

McGregor will also have to pay for the damages caused during the alleged rampage which led to three fights being cancelled.

They were: Ray Borg v Brandon Moreno, Alex Caceres v Artem Lobov and Michael Chiesa v Anthony Pettis.

Khabib Nurmagomedov put aside his rivalry with McGregor to reach out to the ‘troubled’ UFC star.

The de facto lightweight champion also reiterated his ambition to fight McGregor in the Octagon.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Getty

Speaking honestly about McGregor’s public outburst at the beginning of the final UFC 223 press conference, Khabib said he hoped his rival could ‘fix his problems’.

At the final UFC 223 press conference Khabib said: 

To be honest, I hope he’s going to fix his problems. And me and him will have to fix our problem. Inside the cage or outside, it doesn’t matter. We have to fix this. Thank you.

But White, didn’t hold back and publicly criticised McGregor in the aftermath, calling his actions ‘disgusting’.

Speaking to ESPN, he said:

I mean, do you wanna be in business with Conor McGregor right now? Do you wanna chase this guy around for interviews and buy his flights? Do you? I don’t think anybody is gonna want him right now. I think everybody is gonna be pretty disgusted in Conor McGregor right now.

Listen, you don’t like Khabib and you don’t like what happened then fight Khabib. You can come in here and you can do it legally. Sh*t, this fight’s happening Saturday, we could’ve talked and had the Khabib fight right after. You could do whatever you wanted to Khabib within the limits of the rules of, you know, fighting.

But you wanna grab 30 f*cking friends and come down here and er, do what you did today? It’s disgusting and I don’t think anybody is gonna be huge Conor McGregor fans after this.

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