Conor McGregor Won’t Fight Again Until UFC Give In To His Demands

by : UNILAD on : 13 Nov 2016 12:52

Just a matter of hours ago Conor McGregor made world history after becoming the first two-division champion in UFC history – but he may never fight again. 


McGregor utterly dismantled Eddie Alvarez, dropping him to the canvas three times in the first round alone. It was as if Alvarez was in a far inferior class than McGregor, an entirely different level of expertise in strength, power, and accuracy, and just as Cú Chulainn slayed the Hound of Culain, the Notorious sent Alverez hurtling to the canvas once again forcing the referee to stop the fight and award a TKO victory to McGregor, reports the Mirror.

After cementing his name in the sporting history books by becoming both the reigning Featherweight and Lightweight UFC champion, McGregor made the shock announcement that he will not fight again unless he is given shares in the UFC.

Speaking after the fight, the Irishman said:


They’ve got to come talk to me now, no one’s talked to me since the sale. Who owns the company now? Celebrities have shares in it now, who owns it and where’s my share?

You want me to stick around, let’s talk. I want the ownership, I want what I deserve, I want what I’ve earned.

I can keep going all day but I’m aware of my worth. Whoever runs this shit has got to come to me.

I’ve outgrown the contract. You want me to stick around, bring me onboard for real. Not just as this. I need to be set for life.


And who can blame him? Just as the UFC has made McGregor, McGregor too has made the UFC. As the UFC’s biggest ticket seller and one of, if not the, most exciting fighter on the planet at the moment – surely they should just give him a share…

It isn’t all bad however as Conor was quick to mention that he and his long-term partner, Dee Devlin, are expecting a child together.

We wish you a very healthy and successful few months Conor and Dee and hopefully it wont be too long until you’re in the Octagon once more.

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