Conor McGregor’s Core Workout For UFC 202 Is F*cking Brutal

by : UNILAD on : 14 Aug 2016 15:34

It’s almost here. UFC 202. McGregor vs Diaz II is just six days away. 


Now whether you’re a UFC junkie or a complete newbie to the sport, chances are you can guess that the training these guys endure before a fight is pretty brutal, reports UPROXX.

Well, this video of the Notorious in training recently certainly proves that point, as the clip shows him completing numerous ab exercises such as sit-ups and jackknives before his coach repeatedly punches him, unguarded, in the abdominals.


Apparently by hitting the abs, the body’s natural reaction is to tighten your core, thus being quite the boost to your abs after a heavy core workout.


It makes for a pretty harrowing watch which isn’t helped by the Irishman’s constant grunts as he is hit repeatedly, and it looks like the punches are pretty damn hard too.

However this is still absolutely nothing compared to Mike Tyson’s workout from back in his prime.

mike tyson featuredmike tyson featuredYou Tube

Everyday Tyson would follow the strict regime below:

  • 4:00 am: 45 minute run.
  • Morning: 10 to 20 rounds in the ring.
  • Afternoon: 2000 squats, 500 push-ups, 500 triceps extensions, 500 neck crunches and 15 minutes of other neck exercises.
  • After dinner: Cardio (Bike, rope…)
  • Evening: 45 minutes of technical training.

And that’s why he was the best…

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