Conor McGregor’s Diet Guru Reveals Unusual Method To Stop Sugar Cravings


If anyone’s going to be able to advise you on how to curb your sugar cravings, then Conor McGregor’s dietitian ought to be the one. 

Performance nutrition specialist, George Lockhart, spends his days advising top sporting heroes on what they can or can’t eat.

So it stands to reason that he is a man to trust when it comes down to kicking your sugar habit once and for all.


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The white substance that’s arguably more addictive than cocaine is in everything and pretty hard to quit, but the fighting food guru has the answer, in the simple brown form of cinnamon.

It’s bizarre to think the innocent food item we have knocking around at the back of our store cupboards, could actually be the key to saying goodbye to the white stuff, once and for all.

George explained:

It’s kind of like a catch-22 because sugar kind of craves sugar.

The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you’re going to want. A lot of times if you’re not even hungry you’ll taste something like a little piece of a candy… and be like ‘yeah, I want more.’

It’s like the never-ending thirst.

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The dietitian has an ‘unusual’ tip, which might just help you reach your January goals.

He simply advises you add a spoonful of cinnamon to some water, enjoy and feel your cravings ebb away.

It sounds unlikely, but apparently this is the way forward if sugar cravings are clawing at your soul.

According to George, the cinnamon helps to regulate insulin levels, causing them to ‘flatline’, meaning you’re less likely to start reaching for the sweet stuff, than when they’re spiking all over the place.

Interesting stuff.

This could well be the advice to free us from the shackles of lifelong sugar addiction… or maybe just help in losing a few pounds.