Conor McGregor’s First Ever Recorded Fight Proves He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

by : UNILAD on : 28 Mar 2017 10:00

It’s no deep secret that Conor McGregor is an absolute beast in the Octagon but this clip of him fighting back in 2007 proves that he’s always been the same.


Ten years ago McGregor was an 18-year-old with huge aspirations and, visibly, the fists and feet to get him there.

In this clip, recently shared by the good guys over at Kinda Interesting,  the man who would later go by ‘The Notorious’ can be seen pummelling his opponent, Ciaran Campbell, at Dublin’s Ringside Boxing Club.


The grainy footage shows Conor hitting Campbell with a tirade of punches, at one point knocking him to the ground and kicking him in all parts of the body.


The battle comes to an end as the referee decides enough is enough for Campbell and declares the Notorious the champ with a TKO victory to his name.

As you can probably imagine Campbell never took up a career in the fighting world.


Back in November, McGregor was crowned a world record holder when he obliterated Eddie Alvarez and became the first UFC fighter to champion two different weight categories.

At the minute McGregor’s taking a break from the Octagon while he awaits the birth of his child but I doubt this brute will be gone for too long.

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