Conor McGregor’s Girlfriend’s Post After Rita Ora Rumours Is Pure Class


Rita Ora caused a stir posting a photo of her ‘Date night’ with Conor McGregor – and now his long term girlfriend and mother-of-his-child has responded by not really responding at all.

When Rita showed up on the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards earlier this week she bumped into ‘The Notorious’ MMA superstar McGregor, and as most people do these days, shared pictures on social media.

In fact, the pair of big personalities were seated at the same table, alongside model Jourdan Dunn, leading Rita to caption a tweet: ‘Date night’.

Rita Ora’s tweet got fans hot under the collar due to the nature of the caption: ‘Date night’, apparently.

People sure were quick off the mark to comment on the fact Conor McGregor has been with his childhood sweetheart Dee Devlin for nine years and suggested Rita was a ‘homewrecker’ and should have ‘more respect’.

Dee hasn’t said anything directly about the photos, but what would she need to say anyway? Instead, she has posted an adorable picture of her son, Conor Jack McGregor Junior, captioned ‘bedtime face’.

Bedtime face ??

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Not giving air time to rumours that are most likely completely unfounded is probably the best and most classy response she could have done. Just get on with the important things because irrelevant rumours just aren’t worth the time and hassle.

She should probably tell that to her other half too.

Given Conor’s known devotion to Dee, who he has been with since 2008, it’d be fairly out of the blue for him to be doing anything else elsewhere.

Conor and Dee, the 30-year-old Irishwoman who has been with Conor since before he stepped into an MMA ring, recently welcomed their gorgeous son.

Among the thousands of people commenting on Twitter, after Rita’s posts, McGregor’s SBG teammate and sparring partner Artem Lobov also went and got himself involved. Before swiftly deleting his comment.

Lobov tweeted:

Sorry Rita, Burgers are nice but not when a man has steak at home.

Unfortunately for him, his comment was screen-grabbed before he made the decision to remove it.

Artem Lobov / Twitter

Hopefully Dee will be able to ignore the snide online comments, because let’s face it, it’s all unjustified speculation.

In case you somehow managed to miss the uproar created, let me show you a few of the comments left under Rita’s tweet.

Ally Rock wrote: ‘Wow, so much dislike for Rita! If my boyfriend got that close and personal with an excuse of a woman like Rita Ora after 9 years together and just after having his baby recently, I’d leave him at it! So much disrespect in one picture from both people!’

@DricoMonster wondered whether Conor realised what he was doing at the British Fashion Awards last night, while @ClareWithTheHai has predicted the main event for UFC 220.

Thanks for the concern, maybe he wanted to have some kind of social life, but that’s none of my business!

Utter, utter madness.